[Euroforth] Standards meeting agenda delay

Stephen Pelc stephen at vfxforth.com
Fri Aug 27 14:04:53 CEST 2021

The final agenda for the 2021 Standards meeting is delayed. We are travelling back and I will not have access until next week. However, at least the following items will be on the agenda.

1 Participants

2 Review of Procedures

3 Reports
a) Chair
b) Editor
c) Technical
d) Treasurer

4 Election of officers
If you wish to stand, please put your name forward and include a second. I will not be standing for Chair again. I’ve done my time on standards since the 1990s. Enough is enough and I am under pressure to retire.

We have to elect (by secret ballot) a Chair, Editor, Technical Officer and a Treasurer. The last three have been held by Peter Knaggs, Gerald Wodni and Bernd Paysan. I propose them again for these posts.

4 Review of Proposals and Activities

From forth-standard.org

5 Consideration of proposals + CfV votes

6) Workshops
Topic list to be defined at the meeting, perhaps to include …

Regards, Stephen

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